“Wherever Gardening” with Straw Bales

June 1, 2013 is the date for our “Wherever Gardening” with Straw Bales Workshop!

As part of the Sustainability Weekend, the LINKPROJECT is hosting with the Arkansas Craft School at Tomahawk Creek Farm, Stone County Gardener, Maureen Brennan Skinner, will be on hand once again to share her “practically instant” method of going from no garden at all to a fully planted garden.

Using the straw bale method, anyone can garden on a deck, a sidewalk, a parking lot and/or on rocky terrain. This method of gardening is excellent for anyone who would like to garden without the “fuss.” No tilling, no stooping and bending…just watching plants grow!

If you’ve always wanted to garden, but didn’t think you could…for whatever reason…straw bale gardening is for you!

For more information, see Sustainability Weekend.

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