Cold Frame Construction, Step-by-Step

We successfully completed our Goal #2 objectives having hosted eight cold frame construction workshops on active farms in Stone County and surrounding counties. Host farms included: Day Gardens at Meadowcreek (Fox AR); Hermansen Gardens at Meadowcreek (Fox, AR); Feathers in the Wind Farm (Leslie, AR); Allen Berry Farm (Fox, AR); Reality Ranch (Timbo, AR); Stargap Farm (Mountain View, AR); the Ozark Folk Center (Mountain View, AR); and Ratchford Buffalo Farm (Marshall, AR).

Our cold frame construction method is simple, cost-effective and sturdy by any standards. Plus, the benefit of gathering in community with fellow farmers and gardeners provided all of us with a rich context in which to watch, learn and participate.

Following is a downloadable PDF file with step-by-step instructions for constructing our cold frame (hoop house/green house) plus diagram and supply list. In order to read the document, you’ll need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (although most modern web browsers will display it for you without the Reader program).

If you have issues with this file format, please feel free to contact us for other options.

Cold Frame Construction, Step-by-Step PDF file.

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