Heirloom Crop Launch – Sunday, May 6

Meadowcreek was the site of a Stone County Heirloom Crop Launch on Sunday, May 6. Over 30 Stone County growers attended the Crop Launch and heard Dr. Brian Campbell talk about the present state of heirloom crops in Arkansas.

Growers agreed to grow heirloom crops and save seeds to return to the Conserving Arkansas Agricultural Heritage (CAAH) seed bank at the University of Central Arkansas. As a result, among heirloom crops that may be seen around Stone County in upcoming growing seasons are: Alabama Red Okra; Grandma Einck’s Dill; Celico Crowder Peas; Miss Silver Crowder Peas; Skunk Peas; Creme Peas; Razorback Peas; White Seeded Moon & Stars Watermelon; Red Mission Kale; Red Okra; Razorback Crowder Peas; Vassie Mae Pole Beans; Razorback Field Peas; Big White Cushaw Beans; Ola Horton Little Blue Beans; Red Indian Corn; 1000 to One Bush Beans; Red Russia Kale; Alabain Red Okra; Kim McDaniel’s Grandma’s Cantelope; Cherokee Moon & Stars; Creaseback Beans; Silver Queen Okra; Holstein Cow Peas; Vassle Mar Pole Beans; and, Cranberry Beans.

We were honored to have members of Meadowcreek’s Board, who were in town for their annual Board Meeting, in attendance. Meadowcreek residents, Debbie Hermansen and Suzanne Day, served their usual and marvelous garden-to-table refreshments. The meeting culminated with an announcement of a Seed-Saving Workshop to compliment the Crop Launch to be held in the Fall.

Here are some pictures of growers selecting seeds, listening to Dr. Campbell and enjoying the delicious food.




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