• The Gift

    Dr. Brian Campbell of Conserving Arkansas Agricultural Heritage (CAAH) shared The Gift to showcase CAAH’s passion for seeds as well as the need for many more of us to manifest the same.    

  • Straw Bale Tomatoes

    November 9th…and, our straw bale tomatoes are coming on! At the sign of the first freeze…and to validate the effectiveness of straw bales as a method of gardening…we transplanted our veggies to containers in a greenhouse. Remember, these plants got planted in June…made it through a drought…had various people tending to them. Clearly, this method …

  • Winter Greens at StarGap Farm

    We love seeing new Stone County cold frames “doing their thing!” Here are some shots taken in Trish & Dan Stewart’s cold frame at StarGap Farm!

  • Shiitake Mushroom Workshop – Saturday, October 6th

    What a wonderful workshop it was!